Spellbound 1-4

Spellbound (Issues) (4 Book Series) - Jean Dufaux, Jose Luis Munuera

What happens when good and evil meet and fall in love?  Does evil corrupt good?  Does good redeem evil?


                Spellbound answers that question.  Blanche is a princess who is in danger of losing her kingdom and Malador is a prince in the same situation.  They decide to team up.  What then follows is an exploration of power and morality.


                There are several very nice light touches in the book.  Malador’s sister is really funny, and the undead and goblin armies are quite funny when they discuss kneeling, spleens, flesh, and battle cries.


                Yet my favorite part of the story is Horriblus, who is a potion seller who reminds me of Vitalstix.  He has the nose, he has the feet, he has a hopeless crush, and is actually quite sweet and lovely.