#2 in the Series

Autumn Bones - Jacqueline Carey

I'm trying to read the books I have by favorite authors that I haven't read yet.  Does that sentence make sense?  


So Daisy is hell-spawn (her mother is human, her father is a demon).  She has a tail.  She's in love with a werewolf who likes her but doesn't want to go aganist his clan.  So she dated another guy (good for her is what I say).


The plot of the book is the other guy's mother and sister, and ghosts.  That's where much of the plot comes from.  It's nice reading an UF book where the woman isn't tough as nails, every other women is weak trope isn't used.  I'm so tired of that.  Daisy has female friends, and Carey even throws in how appearances can be decieving bit.


It's fun.