Promised to the Crown (Daughters of New France) - Aimie K Runyan

Promised to the Crown is the story of three young women who are King's Daughters - women sent to New France (Quebec) to be wives.  Each women comes from or is fleeing a different circumstances.  Elizabeth fleeing an arranged marriage, Rose to escape froma sitution without end, and Nicole because her family is poor.  The women adjusted to life in early Quebec.


It's true that at times a few of the characters, in particular the men, feel a bit too modern.  And the term shotgun is used, which is particularly jarring.


Yet, there is something compelling about the book, and the characters are not perfect.  The conflict between Elizabeth and the priest is very well done.  The interactions with Indigeous people is also dealt with somewhat, and there are hints that such will be dealt with more fully in the next book.


Despite the almost too modern feel, the story is entertaining and enjoyable.  In particular, I like the dangers of childbirth at the time.