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Telemachus Vol 1: In Search of Ulysses - Kid Toussaint, Kenny Ruiz

Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley

I do have to wonder why a Greek girl would be wearing something like Polycaste does, but over all this is a pretty interesting re-imagining of the story of Odysseus. It focuses on Telemachus and his quest to find out what happened to his father. The driving impulse seems to be the idea that his mother is thinking about remarrying, which is actually a refreshing change from the original.

Telemachus is somewhat like an ancient version of Captain America, but he gets together a pretty interesting group of Aveneg. . . er companions – including a son of enemy of Odysseus.

The art is cute, almost like anime, but it works and fits the story. Readers should play attention because they are some really nice lines that minor characters have. While not entirely true to the works of Homer, this is a really fun read and would be a good introduction to the Matter of Troy for a child.