Antisemitism: Here and Now - Deborah E. Lipstadt

This morning in the New York Times, there was a full-page aid thanking Trump for having appointed a person to “monitor and combat anti-semitism”.

Yeah, that was my reaction too.

Considering Trump’s reaction to what occurred at Charlottesville, let alone his ad that no real network agreed to run, one does wonder why.

And this wondering even occurs when one takes into account the rise of anti-semitism that has been occurring.

One also wonders what Dr. Deborah Lipstadt thinks of it.

LIpstadt’s new book focuses on anti-semitism, not only explaining exactly what it is, and how it gets tied up and sometimes conflated with criticism of Israel. The book includes a look at the boycott Israel movement as well as whether certain politicians on both sides of the pond are anti-semitism. She just doesn’t just examine trump and Corbyn but also other public figures and their comments.

The book is designed as an email between Lipstadt, a student, and another professor who is not Jewish. This allows for the answering of questions – what it the difference between anti-semitism and criticism of Israel, where do the two melds, how does one combat the racist belief that Jews control everything.

Lipstadt does seem to be in part inspired in terms of structure by Coates’ work, a debt which she does acknowledge.