Out Aug 6

Iron Magicians: The Search for the Magic Crystals - Cetrix, Yuio

It is a comic quest. You have to help with the Eiffel Tower and can play either as male or female. Though, I must wonder why the girl has less magic and more charisma than the boy does.  To be fair, charisma in the book seems to be the ability to match wits, but charisma is a strange word choice

It makes excellent use of the landmarks of Paris as well as fairy tales. Game play is like a Choose Your Own Adventure, but slightly more detailed. There is a bit too many mazes which are more annoying in comic panel form than a straight CYOA go to page form.


Still this series of comic quests would make an excellent gift or book for middle grades.  There are two more in the series - Knight's Club I and II - but those books are just male characters.  I prefer this one and the Hocus and Pocus series because they have both male and female characters.  And the Hocus and Pocus books are better than this one.  But all three make excellent use of puzzles and problem solving.