Good strong finish

Wonder Woman Vol. 6: Bones (The New 52) - Cliff Chiang, Goran Sudžuka, Brian Azzarello

This is the finish to the first storyline of Wonder Woman's in what was the New 52 universe of DC.


And it rocked.


For the best volumes (which is, I think roughly 20 issues), Wonder Woman has been trying to protect a mother and child.  She also found out that she is the daughter of Zeus, and has been made the God of War.


Also, the Firstborn wants to kill everything.


Part of the reason why I like this run is how the Greek gods are depicted.  Hera is a bitch but she has reason to be and she isn't a total villain.  Aphrodite is what you would think, if you pause to think about it.  It is just wonderful.


The struggle that Diana goes though are nicely wound up here.  No loose threads.  The twist is pretty good too.