Cookies are heroes

Slammed in the Butt By the Living Leftover Chocolate Chip Cookies From My Kitchen Cabinet - Chuck Tingle
The M&M ads freak me on one level. I mean, it’s talking food. But at least, the ad people are aware of this. But any ad with talking food is strange. I mean, really would you want to eat talking food?

But it is also true that food can be a very pleasurable experience. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that it plays a role in seduction scenes and romance novels. It actually is a surprise that no one came up with a man having sex with five chocolate chip cookies story before.

But thankfully, we have Chuck Tingle.

Tingle’s book is basically what the title says. Don’t think about it. Bartender works at a milk bar and is saved by his five cookies, who he has sex with.

Yeah, he goes there.

There too.

Even there.

Of course, Tingle is making fun of all the erotic kindle short books that pop up. I mean the basic non plot points are there. And to be honest, while Tingle does seem like a pretty decent guy, I only brought this book because he was donating the sales proceeds to charity, so I can’t see myself reading his books on a regular basis. Yet, it was fine. There are two stories in this edition, the title story and one about a train named Dylan.

Yes. That too.