Calling all historical fiction readers

Moonlight Reader has unleashed something.(and we forgot Sharon Kay Penman)  And with her permission, I am asking for your best historical fiction lists.  Post your top 25 and we'll see how much we have, and then go from there.  First call is good from today until the 8th.  So that's a week.  I'll put a list and spreadsheet up like Moonlight and Themis did too.




1. Historical Fiction only 

2. Romance as long as it is historical is fine.

3. Historical fantasy is fine. Time travel too (so Bulter's Kinderd could be on the list)

4. Historical mystery is fine.

5. If it is a graphic novel, fine.

6. Perfectly fine to list a whole author's work or series and have it count as one entry - so Mantel's Cromwell novels for instance.

7. any age group

8. Please tag your post historical reading list and crowdsourced

9. It is fine if the book appeared on the 1001 Essential Reading List.