Comic Round Up

Heathen #7 - Natasha Alterici Sea of Thieves #0 - Jeremy Whitley Sea of Thieves Origins #2 - Jeremy Whitley

Sea of Thieves (each 3 stars) - Sea of Thieves #0: This sets the strange for the comic series (and I think the video game). Good use of poc characters. I like the exchange between Mele and Alessia. the story of Mollie sets up the economic side of being a pirate. Its a good tale because it shows that intelligence is important and it occurs in Origins #2.


Heathen #7 - Installment 7 of everyone's favorite lesbian Viking series features some action and the furthering of the main quest, but the heart of the story if the conversation between Freyja and Odin about the nature love, worship, and power.

And it is a worthy and wonderous conversation.

The end of this installment is heartbreaking.

It should be noted that Alterici draws women who may or may not be in various states of undressed - for instance, Freyja's boobs are always uncovered. The difference is that Freyja isn't sexualized the same way that fully clothed women in superhero comic books usually all. That is, unless Freyja herself turns on that sexually energy. I love that.