Comic Round Up

Superman/Wonder Woman Vol. 2: War And Peace (The New 52) - Charles Soule, Ed Benes, Tony S. Daniel Rat Queens, Vol. 1: Sass & Sorcery - Kurtis J. Wiebe, Roc Upchurch

The second volume in the Superman/Wonder Woman title is two stars.  As a person who does not read Superman, I was horribly lost for part of this. There were some nice touches, but half the story is missing. The ending shorter stories were okay. The best being the one with the plant that Clark gave Diana.  




Now Rat Queens is five stars.  Because, in part, bluebirds are not on Dave's shoulders, but in his beard. DO NOT TOUCH THEM! They make him extra sexy.

Rat Queens is about a sell sword group of women who are basically a D&D group come to life (magic user, priest, fighter, thief). Like many D&D stories, they work out of a village/town/city that hires them and various other groups to destroy things. And there the similarities to D&D end unless you have played D&D with crazy people.

Which I have, but never this crazy.

You have in this book people of different beliefs, races, genders, skin colors, and body types. And sexualities. There is also plenty of blood and humor. This is not a book for children.

The book is surprising touching in some places as well. It's great fun.