Hounded - Kevin Hearne
I can see why people like this series. I do like Oberon, though he isn't quite dog like (but that could be explained by the use of Atticus' magic). I enjoyed the use of lawyers.  Honesty if it wasn't for the wolfhound and lawyers, this would be a DNF.

But, I have some issues.

1. Way too much info dumping. Way too much.

2. I never felt that Atticus was in any danger. He's like Harry Dresden but already pre-powered as opposed to the power filled magician that Harry becomes in the later (and not good, imho) Dresden novels.

3. I'm not sure why people can't know about Atticus' magic because he sure doesn't seem shy about using it. Surely someone, somewhere is going to ask something.

4. He gives money to help the family of one unjustly killed person but not the other (this really bugs me because the one he doesn't give money to is Hispanic).

5. Why do the goddesses like him exactly? Is he really that good in bed because he seems like a douche. (which isn't a bad thing if other people are aware he is a douche).

6. He hates and distrusts witches, expect for the one mysterious witch/barmaid who is hot and, therefore, he can trust her.

7. WTH is it with male authors and old as dirt man teachers for young ladies that they find sexually desirable?

8. The witches magic doesn't make sense.

9. The reaction to why a woman would want a spell to make a man not desire her is so strange.

10. It's strange (not really) that the old witches are the bad ones, and the young hot "witch" who wants to be a druid is the good one.

Yet, I can see something almost wonderful here, the humor is almost funny. Maybe I'll try #2. It's just not very different from many other urban fantasy.

 Edited to add - just read some reviews for #2.   I'm out.