Calling all history readers

So thanks to Charlton and Themis-Athena we are doing a crowdsourced list for history.  The goal is to reach 1001 because why not.


So here we go:


1. History (non-fiction) only.  

2. Diaries will be allowed (so Anne Frank would be fine).

3. You can have an author's whole work as part of the list.  (If the 1001 Reading List is any indication Adam Hochschild's whole publication list is going to make this one).

4. If it is a series, that's fine too.

5. Please state what general era or place the book is about.  An incomplete list includes: Ancient World, General World History, Women's History, Africa, American Slavery and Civil War, Tudor Period, Victorian Period, World War I, World War II, Medieval (and so on).  The list will be split (in part) by subject matter.

6. You can nominate as few or as many as you want.  Just no more than 20-25 per post (you can have many posts)

7. Please tag the posts with Crowdsource, Essential History.

8. Historic crime is fine (so say like Jack the Ripper).