Some great, some funny, some meh

Unidentified Funny Objects 2 - Alex Shvartsman

The best story in this collection is the first by Ken Liu.  Liu makes good use of golem lore and applies it to a family vacation.  It was also wonderful that the chosen one was a girl.


Esther Fresiner's "Service Charge" and J. W. Alden's "Item Not Described" will both do your soul a world of good, esp. if you are fed up with dealing  with people.


Reading Jim C Hines' short story about a superhero battling cancer was, well, strange and moving considering Hines' wife's ongoing treatment for the illness.  (Kick butt Amy).  But it was a great rip off of Superman.


Fran Wilde's short story about toddler is great and includes a wonderful bit about teens.


If you like Lovecraft, check out "The Girl with the Dagon Tattoo".


The scariest story (and a funny one too) was "On Safari" which is basically what Alexa and Suri are going to do to us.