Short Kindle Freebie Round Up

The Alcohol Murders: The True Story of Serial Killer Gilbert Paul Jordan (Crimes Canada: True Crimes That Shocked The Nation Book 10) - Harriet Fox, RJ Parker, Aeternum Designs, Peter Vronsky The Severan Dynasty: The History and Legacy of the Ancient Roman Empire’s Rulers Before Rome’s Imperial Crisis - Charles River Editors The Gurkhas: The History and Legacy of the Nepalese Soldiers Used by the British Empire in India - Charles River Editors Akhenaten and Amarna: The History of Ancient Egypt’s Most Mysterious Pharaoh and His Capital City  - Charles River Editors

The Harriet Fox about Gilbert Paul Jordan is good.  It has much information as Harriet Fox could find. The writing is good. The case overview is fine. I just wish there had been a bit more about the possibility that the backgrounds of the women whom he killed and whether their race and/or case had something to do with the lack of a case or investigation. (three stars)


As for the Charles River Editors book.  The stand out is the one about Akhenaten and Amarna which includes a detailed analysis of the queens of the time.  The Serveran and Gurkhas ones (4 and 3 stars) are good overviews.