Gotten as a Kindle Freebie

The Gift - Luis Antonio Bacaro

FYI - I had problems when trying to upload the cover photo.


The description says that this book is about Native American access to clean water. This is somewhat true, though only in the last part of the book. The bulk of the book is about a boy finding a present for his sister, Autumn. The sister seems to be based on or is actually Autumn Peltier, the young Annishinabbe-kwe, member of Wikiwemikong First Nation's woman who has campaigned for clean water. She appears at the end which contains information about her work.

The art is a bit different but I liked it because it reminded me of some children's books I read when I was a child. The drawback is that on a free pages the background is dark and the words are in black type so it makes it hard to see.

The book does have information about First Nations/Native American beliefs and culture as well as information about the clean water movement.