Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, or something else

Kitty and the Midnight Hour - Carrie Vaughn Bitten - Kelley Armstrong The Essential Dracula - Bram Stoker, Leonard Wolf, Christopher H. Bing

Well, its werewolves because I'm a dog person.  And there are flea collars.


Zombies - I don't get zombies one some levels.  I know there is a link between Zombies in American culture and slavery.  I get that zombies are undead, but I have so many questions.  To wit:


1. Wouldn't you smell them coming?

2. If a zombie is a decayed corpse wouldn't, well, bugs and stiff be there eating it?  So really, how long would a zombie be around considering the amount of pests? So couldn't you just get a whole bunch of those beetles that they use to eat the meat off of bones?

3. If a zombie is  a corpse, where does the food go?  How does the biology work, for instance?  Does a zombie poo?  Is there zombie poop?  Does zombie poop crawl?



So, yeah not zombies.


Vampires, well to me vampires are more the apex predator.  And while would you want someone who think your body smells good and tasty.  I mean, you're just a food source.  Additionally, I am so tired of vampire politics in urban fantasy, and vampires always knowing everything.  There are ones that I love - the Count St Germain for example, but he is more the traditional incubus based vampire.  And  I like those.  But these sensitive soul vampire, yeah no.  Tanya Huff created a vampire who wrote romance books, but he was not sensitive and kicked ass.  I like those vampires.


But werewolves - well, they are dogs.  Give them a full food bowl, take them for walkies, get them a flea collar.  Easy.