Conspiracy - Ryan Holiday

On one hand, I really think everyone should read this simply because it does address what is, to me, the unanswerable questions that freedom of speech raises (and I much rather have freedom of speech than not).

Yet, the book starts at good and then you start wonder.

For instance, Holiday seems far, far more sympathetic to Thiel, which is understandable, but the sympathy is very obvious which undermines the unbias slant the book seems to want to have.

Or, there is the almost complete glossing over of Gamergate. Yes, it was a domestic drama that blown up, but the unsavory and sexist aspects of it are totally disregarded. It wasn't simply an attack on the press as Holiday almost seems to want to make it.

And there is his writing style, which you are either going to love or hate. It's one of those styles.

Still, I really do think you should read this book