Halloween Bingo Preparty - Horror Reads

Uncle Silas - Victor Sage, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu In a Glass Darkly - Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu 2666 - Natasha Wimmer, Roberto Bolaño The Five Jars - M.R. James Watership Down - Richard Adams

1. Out of the Night #5 - which there isn't a cover for.  It's one of those horror comic books from the 1950s.  


2. Uncle Silas and A Glass Darkly - if you haven't read Le Fanu, you haven't read horror, and Uncle Silas is just that hook filled book.


3. 2666 - not strictly horror, but I was reading this book and when I came home late, I was frightened when walking the half block from the trolley stop to my house, so that has to count for something.


4. M R James - he makes jars scary.


5. Watership Down - not horror I know, but you get to that chapter about the black rabbit of death and the rabbit poker game when you're like seven, and you sleep with the lights on.


I may I also suggest 50 Shades of Grey which I don't like but it is truly frightening when you read this and wonder why so many people think it is good.