At least I didn't pay for it

The Nymph’s Labyrinth - Danica Winters

I wanted to like this but I had to put it down. The opening is good, though I am wondering why a nymph sleeps like a stereotypical vampire, but that's me. The problem occurs with the introduction of the hero. He admits that he hasn't seen his son in a long time, since the divorce, but when he was married to his ex he tried to make up for her lack of parenting but making sure the son got the footballs the ex promised the kid.  However, when I say he hasn't seen his kid for a while, it really has been a while.  The kid calls him by the his first name and his far, far taller than he remembered.  The hero  seems really proud that he has working sperm but that's about the extent of his parenting after the divorce. (It's clear that this is not the fault of the ex, though she is evil for not letting the hero whisk his son off to Crete when the hero remembered he had a son).


And then we have the ex dumping the kid off when she goes off on her sudden honeymoon after her sudden wedding.  So the reader is supposed to see the ex as less than responsible.


(I think the kid should just leave)


But then we have the heroine thinking that the hero is so kind and caring (which most be why he hasn't seen his kid in ages).

And I'm out.