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The Tea Dragon Society - Katie O'Neill

I hate Hallmark channel movies.  My mom loves them.  She keeps trying to get me to watch them.  I keep saying no, I've seen enough.  But you do you.  (She's one of those people who if you don't love what she loves, her first reaction is to think you look down on her.  My first reaction is her love Hallmark movies, the Irish Doc series, car racing, Nora Roberts, and Churchill make her easy to shop for.


I don't like Hallmark movies, despite their at times excellent cast, because the ones I've seen always seem to say a successful woman needs a man in her life and he as to show her how her success isn't that important.  And that annoys me.  They are also so damn sweet I get cavitities.


Yet, I love this comic book.  It's sweet, it would make a Hallmark cartoon.  There really isn't that much of a plot.  But what there is rests on the question of knowledge or skills that aren't in everyday use and whether they should be passed down.


It features poc and LGBT characters.  


And I want a tea dragon - you see it grows the tea leaves so its like a dragon and a garden.  It was a nice, sweet (but not cavity inducing) little read.