Good spy story

Operation Copperhead Vol. 1 - Jean Harambat

Disclaimer: I received a digital copy free via Netgalley.

David Niven and Peter Ustinov are know for the their film roles, including their work on Christie adaptions. But they also worked for the UK in the Second World War. This graphic novel chronicles those exploits in part, though as the introduction notes, it might not all be true.

The artwork is especially good, both actors are well drawn and there is humor in particular when it comes to filming Death on the Nile. There is a really panel with a camel that is quite funny.

However, what really sells the comic is the use of both Niven’s and Ustinov’s actual memoirs and auto biographies. It makes the graphic novel more historical and informative than the cover would suggest.

The speech patterns of both Niven and Ustinov are caught well by the writer. Considering the amount of moves that are dedicated to young Americans fighting the Germans and the Japanese during the Second World War, it is refreshing to read a story about older men who contribute in ways that are not as flashy but are perhaps just as, if not more, important.