Supernatural square - I love this series.

Warlock Holmes: My Grave Ritual - G.L. Denning

I truly love this series.  It is so brilliant.  


And, I  most admit, I don't think I can ever read the physical copies of the book because Robert Garson performance is so wonderful.


This installment includes the appearance of Irene Adler. I judge Sherlock Holmes incarnations by how Adler is done.  Sherlock lost me with what they did.  Elementary was far better.  Denning's Adler is a damn fine Adler that the chances of Doyle liking are rather high.


Unlike the other two, this third installment ends on more of a cliffhanger (more because part of the conceit is the potential end of the world).  But that's fine.  


It's still a great ride.  Wonderful fun with Holmes at the expense of the other Victorians.  Those wonderful asides, Watson's common sense, and the fun word play are all here.  There is more development on the idea of the Nine, as well as the introduction of Violet, who is quite awesome.


And let me say, that I really, really want Denning to write a Violet series.


Holmes comes to the fore a bit more in this installment, which was quite enjoyable.  There is even a section while Holmes tells the story, and it was really great.


Honesty, if you like Holmes and like fantasy, you need to read this series.