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Fear on 4: 13 Chilling BBC Radio Dramas - BBC

This collection of BBC horror dramas feature 13 tales -each about half an hour.  There are some famous authors - Gilman's Yellow Wallpaper is one of the stories.  Imelda Staunton is also one of the performers.


They are varied.  My favorite is one about a famous singer who may have been kidnapped.  Or was she?  There is also an interesting tale about a snow man, and the science fiction version of lifeboat was particularly good.


That said, the version of a Yellow Wallpaper was strange; it was lacking the force of the original story.  It was more the wallpaper is creepy as opposed to she is going mad because she can't use her mind.  And this made me a bit mad - because it is changing the nature and purpose of the story.  It is a horror story but not because of a supernatural element.  I have to say after listening to that adaption, my enjoyment of this collection went down.