Batman Freebies Round Up

DCeased #1 - Tom    Taylor Batman Black and White #5 - Len Wein, Jimmy Palmiotti, Chris Weston, Javier Pulido, Keith Giffen, Joshua Middleton, Ivan Brandon, Paolo Rivera, Andrew    Robinson, Blair Butler, Victor Ibanez Ramirez Batman Black and White #1 - Chip Kidd, Neal Adams, Joseph A. Quinones Jr., Maris Wicks, John Arcudi, Howard Mackie, Sean  Murphy, Michael Cho, Chris Samnee, Marc Silvestri Batman Black and White #2 - Rafael Grampa, Dan DiDio, Rafael Albuquerque, Jeff Lemire, Michael Uslan, J.G. Jones, Alex Niño, Dave Bullock, Jim Steranko Batman & Robin Adventures No. 21 Aug 1997 - Ty Templeton Batman: Black and White (2013- ) #1 - Chip Kidd, Neal Adams, Joe Quinones, Michael Cho

So I picked up a bunch of Batman freebies.  I'm not a huge Bats fan.  I really only read him when Catwoman shows up because she's awesome.


So - 


DCeased is basically the DC universe vs. zombies.  It's an interesting idea but I didn't find it particularly "must know what happened next".


The Batman Black & White series are short Batman stories.  Somewhat Noir in feeling, sometimes by people associated with the cartoon series.  An Innocent Guy is the best one because it actually uses something I think some villain should have done before.


The Batman Adventure one features Batgirl.  It's entertaining, but Batgirl is drawn in such a way that she would have no room for a stomach.


(I believe most if not all, of these are still free for kindle).