Misc Christmas Books Round-Up

Little Elf Ray Saves the Day - Ross Hammond Ronaldo: The Reindeer Flying Academy - Maxine Sylvester, Maxine Sylvester How Pidge Saved Christmas - Chad Baucom, Lera Luzhanskya The Advenutures of Nature Nate and Chompy's Christmas Tree - Kristy Hammill, Micah Hoeschele, Evgenia Dolotovskaia My Teacher is an Elf - Joey and Melanie Acker Never Let a Unicorn Meet a Reindeer - Diane Alber The Night The Elves Took Back Christmas - Rachel Burlew, Lucas Silva The Mouse in the Hammock: A Christmas Tale - Bethany Brevard A Silly Milly Christmas - Sheri Wall Christmas Friends - Uncle Amon
The best of the bunch is Never Let a Unicorn Met a Reindeer which is totally great. Adventures of Nature Nate gets a nod for poc. Ronaldo's story is good. Christmas Friends is nice. If you have a dog you will like Silly Milly.