Freebie Kid book round up

Champ and Nessie - Zebulan Frayne, Sherry Frayne The 12 Days of a Great White Christmas - Chris Bresky, Chris Bresky I Spy Christmas: I Spy Christmas Book for Kids - J. K. Nawara The Sun and the Moon - Kibaek Jeon, Nayun Kim Jade's Life Skills Series - Learning Manners or To Fart Or Not To Fart (Children's Life Skills Series) - Asaf Shani What The Fox Learnt: Four Fables from Aesop - Aesop, Ripple Digital Publishing Unicrosn, Magic, and Slime - Misty Black Diaries of a Dragon - Beatriz Rare Once Upon and Ever After - Caroline L. Thornton Sophia and the Popcorn Dragon - Tommy  Walker

Stand outs in this group are


12 Days of Great White Christmas - parody of the 12 days using sharks.  It includes a fact section at the end.  It's quite well done and fun. 5 stars.


Diaries of a Dragon - I wasn't sure about this one, but the artwork and the story match each other pretty darn well. It was sweet. 3.5 stars


Once Upon and Ever After - most likely the best of this batch.  5 stars.  It deals with how the prince is affected by sterotypes as well as princesses.


What the Fox Learnt - pretty good retellings of Aesop tales about foxes.  Three stars.


Champ and Nessie - actually makes good use of Nessie and Champ to teach about earth history. 3 stars


Sun and the Moon - good retelling of the Korean tale.  3 stars


Sophia and the Popcorn Dragon - a bit too cute, but woc so that was cool.  3 stars.


Unicorns, Magic and Slime -predictable but fun.  3 stars


Dollhouse Elf -(not pictured) not bad, predictable. 


To be missed


The farting book - the whole thing about dad working around in his boxers was a bit strange.


I Spy - the word scarf is missed spell.