Good Book about shires

Breed of Giants - Joyce Stranger

I discovered this book because one of the people I follow (Clara, I believe) has it shelved so I noticed it.


Stranger's book is about a change in British lie as the modern world encroaches on the rural areas. The focus is mainly on the Shire breeder Josh, but there is enough about other members of the village that Stranger paints a lovely picture. And modern life/city dwellers aren't painted with a board brush either, as showcased by the new school teacher.

It is a true read, not cute and fluffy animals, but unlike some books that are supposedly about animals and only use the death of the animal to install a lesson or make someone cry, Stranger's death can be bleak but they feel nature, so they hurt a bit less. It's like watching a BBC Earth show with less wild animals.

I will be reading more by this author.