an essay of memory

With Borges - Alberto Manguel

Long time, heavy readers (ie everyone on this site) all have those "haven't read yet" secrets.  There is usually more than one.  For the longest time, my wasn't not having read To Kill a Mockingbird.  BUT, that is no longer the case.   


Currently, this year at least, it is that I haven't read Borges.  I've got a collection of his short fiction in my TBR mountain range, honest.  Just haven't gotten to it yet.   Maybe this year.



I mean this book makes me want to kick that collection up the TBR peaks, trail, or something - whatever the term is.


Manguel's book about Borges is in part a book about memory, part about hanging out with a legend (who does not seem to care that he is a legend) and part an illustration about how reading and books inform and make lives.  In other words, like most of Manguel's work, it is an essay about the loving of reading and how that can make a society.