Princess Farisai

Princess Farisai's Adventure


I tend not to buy kindle children's books in general because I do not have kids. Now, I do "buy" them when they are offered free, and I will actually spend money on them if it is an author or a story that I know or has a good rec from people I trust.

I wish I had brought this because this creative duo, Robinson and Byrd, deserve all the money.

Princess Farisai's parents rule Zimbabwe and her adventure is to save her people. What is not to love about this book? A loving family where everyone supports each other? Farisai's father is sad that his daughter is chosen but he doesn't try to stop her and actively supports her. Her mother gives her advice.

And she has an awesome horse.

The illustrations are beautiful.

Farisai succeeds because she is brave and, more importantly, smart.

The book includes facts about the actual kingdom the story is set in as well as about the people and language.

This is what children's books should be.