Letter 2

Dear daughter,

                Perhaps I should write dear royal highness considering your recent marriage, but the bonds are blood must be forgiving, do they not?  I know that your mother, may her soul rest in peace would be so proud of you.  You looked just she did on her wedding last week.  She must be smiling down on us both from above, for both have managed to find happiness despite her untimely death.

                The gardeners that you sent to tend your tree above the grave have done a wonderful job.  There are now several beds of flowers as well as a gate around the tree.  It’s quite lovely.  I have invited the gardeners into the kitchen and we shared a bottle of wine.  They are quite agreeable fellows, if perhaps a tad uneducated.  Certainly not up to our level, my dear.


                Your step-mother sends her love and wishes you will.  I know that you two have never gotten along very well.  I confess, I don’t see why.  She has always expressed a great admiration of your loyalty to your mother.  She is a lovely woman, with a great sense of fashion.  I’m sure you found her knowledge most helpful when you were preparing for the ball.  You must admit her choice of foot wear pointed to her advantage.  It’s a shame that her daughters were so greedy that they maimed their feet.  True, you three never got along, but you must feel some pity for their state, especially after what happened at the wedding.  I didn’t know birds could do such a thing.  Pigeons look so harmless. 


                It’s on their behalf that I am writing you actually.  My dear, your step-sisters are in desperate need of your help.  Perhaps you could take them on as ladies in waiting.  True, they have not had time to adjust to the sightless state they find themselves in, but given time I’m sure they will adjust.  You must admit that it is vitally important that they make proper marriages now.


                I know that you must feel that I ignored you after my remarriage, but that is far from the truth.  It was for your sake alone that I married your step-mother.  You needed a woman to look up to and well, my dear, I don’t think you will understand the second reason, but I will tell you anyway.  You see, you look so much like your mother, my heart aches for her when I see you, and I couldn’t quite trust myself you see.  Perhaps if you were not so much like her, I would not have had to remarry.


                But surely, those evil days are behind us. Please consider something for your step-sisters, or else they will be a burden to me.


                                                                                Your loving father