Welcome to the dark side, young one

William Shakespeare's the Empire Striketh Back - Ian Doescher

Yoda speaks in Haiku!  Miss Piggy approves, oh master.

                It’s true that I didn’t enjoy this as much as the first.  Perhaps it is because I wasn’t epeecting to enjoy the first, perhaps it is because, as Doescher notes, Empire is too much of a tragedy to turn into too much of a laugh riot.

                The idea still works, and Doescher seems more sure of himself here.  R2-D2 still has a voice, but the use isn’t as heavy.   Doescher also isn’t afraid to take pot shots.  My favorite scene is the one about chasms.  The best bits are the ones that Doescher can imagine.         This is most obvious in the use of the wampa and space slug.

                The best speech is the one an Imperial Admiral gives while watching Vader with his mask off.   This scene of the mask off was very brief in the movie, but what Doescher does with it is truly worthy of Shakespeare.  I feel like running to my two friends who give me strange looks as I read this, shoving it under their pointy noses and shouting “SEE!”

                Honesty, Mr. Doescher if you never write anything else, that one speech ensures you a place in the writer’s hall of fame.

                And thank you, for giving Lando more of a voice.  He always was the coolest.

                And please, please do 1-3 so I can actually like them.