Return to London - Terence Jenkins

Disclaimer: ARC read via Netgalley.


                Terrance Jenkins’s short eBook is about strange or little visited facts and places around London. This includes the area where you can sit with Keats as well as several places connected to tragedies that occurred during the Blitz. The book is filled with humor (including a football joke or two. A real football joke or two) and history. Pictures are included.  The only thing missing a map showing the locations of the places he writes about. Jenkins’s descriptions, however, are well done that finding them should be easy enough.

                While the writing may not be up to the level of Peter Ackroyd in his poems to London, Jenkins's love for the city is just as real and palpable, making the book a joy as well as a quick read. If you have ever been to London or are planning to visit this book is worth picking up.