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Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher (Ronaldo the Flying Reindeer Book 2) - Maxine Sylvester, Maxine Sylvester

This installment finds everyone’s favorite sport star named reindeer struggling to win a race as well as to help his new friend Ernie, who isn’t a reindeer. There are some comma issues, but the story is sound and entertaining. Importance is giving not only to friendship but also the ability to think. Illustrations match the story quite well.

The Path to Ramen Enlightenment: Silicon Valley (Bravo Your City! Book 89) - Randy Fung

Book is set up extremely well.

The Hedgehog Trail - J. Roshni

Can people please learn about commas? Thank you.


The Death of Death - K.N. Parker

Tried three times to read this, and each time it doesn't grab me. Sorry book, it's me not you.

The Remains of an Altar (Merrily Watkins Mysteries Book 8) - Phil Rickman

Not the best of the series. There is something a bit off, maybe because Lol and Gomer aren't as present. But Rickman does tap into the fear of development and tourism as well as how ghost stories are seen by different people in the same area. That's what makes it a good read. And it's always nice to spend time with Merrily who is one of the best written characters in the world.

Thanks Edward Lorn

Secret Santa: A Christmas Horror - Edward Lorn

Seriously enjoyable.


Kid Legends - David Stabler
This is kindle freebie is a sampler or teaser for the books in the series. It is an excellent series. The biographies are accurate and kid friendly. It should be noted that the actual books tend to be more diverse than this sampler - which has a total of nine people, only two of which are female and only two poc.

The illustrations are lovely.
Norbert to the Rescue! - James Sutherland

I enjoy the Norbert books. The characters are well drawn, the humor gentle. It is like a farm version of the Vicar of Dibley. But man Sutherland, why did you have to have that comment about women and gossip? C'mon man.

Still timely

The Art of Tony Auth: To Stir, Inform and Inflame - Tony Auth, David Leopold, Jules Feiffer

Auth was a treasure, and it is amazing that still, even after his death (in 2014) that his work is still timely. This collection is good and varied. It is nicely put together and will leave you wish Auth was still alive so he could go after Orange Dust Man.

Historic Building

San Francisco Ferry Building - Julie Adams Feinstein

This little book is basically a guide to the eateries and shops that are housed in the Ferry Building. Nicely illustrated but not much history (understandably so).

a bit heavy handed

Lilly and Her Unicorn Doll: The Importance of Learning - Aaron Chandler

It's a bit heavy handed with the message, but it is sweet and the illustrations are nice.

audio version

The Royal Art of Poison: Filthy Palaces, Fatal Cosmetics, Deadly Medicine, and Murder Most Foul - Eleanor Herman

The book isn't bad, but like many of the Herman books, if you have read about the people then there isn't much new here. I found the tone at times very strange, almost dismissive of women.

Visit Berkeley Series

North Berkeley & Gourmet Ghetto (Visit Berkeley) - Caroline White, MiSoon Burzlaff, Heidi Unruh Berkeley 1967-2017 Summer of Love (Visit Berkeley) - Caroline White, MiSoon Burzlaff

There are several titles in this series, and as such the various short ebooks tend to become a little repeatitive, with many of the same entries used for the various books.  Still a nice easy read for an armchair traveler.

Kindle freebies

Release the Djinni - Jenny Schwartz The Crocodile Virgin - Jenny Schwartz

Crocodile Virgin - alas not a real crocodile or having sex with a crocodile but a crocodile shifter.  It was rather a dull story., and the names didn’t make sense.


Djinni - I do not know why one version of the title is a woman depicted as an elven form of Venus but there you go. Also why Niki as her name? And considering where the tale takes place would the angel’s name be Hugh

If your kid likes dinos

When Dinosaurs Go to Bed - Josh Bluman]

This is a cute book if you have a child who likes dinosaurs.

Cal Secret Spots - Francesa Fenzi

So my friend who lived in this area of Cal and went to school there, says, and I quote, "these are not secret!".  


So there you go.


Also apparently some art work had once been covered up because it was done by a German.